Pátio da Galé

Pátio da Galé, inaugurated in 2011, is an incomparable premium venue in Lisbon, located in Terreiro do Paço. It is the place where the Royal Palace and the India House were located, when the earthquake of 1755 took place.

A modern renovation, undertaken in the venue in 2010, paid attention to the maintenance of the architectural details and to the meaning of the square and the building to the history of the city.

If, on one hand, Pátio da Galé respects its patrimonial and historical reputation, is has become as well a very versatile venue, able to host a great variety of events..

The spacious cloisters and the neutral features offered by the Lioz (Portuguese limestone) floor, allow innumerous layouts and the use of various colours in the multiple corporate and private events. More info

Pátio da Galé is the perfect venue for your dinner, conference, wedding or cultural event!


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Pátio da Galé