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Portugal at Table - Recipes from the Portuguese Gastronomy

The most typical dishes from the portuguese culinary - We can say that like its climate, the Portuguese cuisine has Atlantic and Mediterranean influences. These characteristics, whether fresh and salty on the coast, or warm and scented in the hinterland, provide a large array of gastronomic variations to this small country. This is an easy-to-use book with appealing photos and an attractive design. It contains 69 traditional recipes of appetizers, soups, broth and gruel, fish, meat and desserts, revealing the best of the traditional Portuguese cuisine. Put your hands to work and taste the traditional Portuguese recipes.

Size: 17.3 x 22.5 x 1.1 (cm) Weight: 400 g Pages: 128

Authorship: Pedro Rodrigues Composition: 150 g couche paper Book cover: 300 g couche paper with plastic protection Publisher: Objecto anónimo