Sala do Risco

Sala do Risco (Risk as Design), inaugurated in 2011, is a surprising venue, that impresses by its dimension and architecture. The domed ceiling and the symmetrical columns offer it the amplitude and elegance proper of a premium historical venue.

In the middle of the 15th century, the area between terreiro do paço and the river front was a privileged place for ship construction. 

Therefore, the name of Sala do Risco arises from its use as the place for designing the ships and boats used for the maritime arsenal. It has thus a great historical meaning, clearly identified with the history and glory of Portugal.

The modern renovation kept the main architectural features and allowed, at the same time, to recreate a wide and polyvalent venue, suited for receiving temporary exhibitions, corporate and private dinners as well as a wide range of events. More info


Sala do Risco is the supreme venue if you what to have your event in the city centre, in a polyvalent and dynamic venue, with a great historical meaning.

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Sala do Risco