Interpretative Centre of the History of Cod

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Why would the Portuguese do something as unusual as to travel to the ends of the earth to catch this everyday food? Why would countless generations of Portuguese risk and lose their lives in the world’s most inhospitable seas so that they can make a traditional fish of bacalhau? The fish from distant Newfoundland and Greenland has been part of our cuisine, and our folk culture in particular, for many years.

The Interpretative Center of the History of Cod, one of the attractions of Lisbon’s riverfront, in Terreiro do Paço tells the story why the Portuguese sailed for months on end for the purposes of catching a particular type of fish – cod.

 The Centre pays homage to this fish as a symbol of the food, culture and history of a country that has had a global outlook for centuries. It will recall the stories of generations of sailors and fishermen and explain the temperament of a people who are always ready to share what they have and to go to the far corners of the world to find what they lack. Throughout the various sections of the exhibition, visitors will explore the beginning of the odyssey of a people who set sail for the ‘seas at the end of the world’, discover how the myth of the ‘faithful friend’ at table came about and examine the future of cod, its consumption, how it is fished and new ways in which it can be cooked.

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