Powder Bag Portuguese Custard Tart - Pastel de Nata

by Visit Lisboa Shop


Powder mix for filling cream of the Portuguese specialty Pastéis de Nata (cupcakes).

Expiration date: 17-05-2024

Composition: Sugar; Dextrose; Modified starches; EGG and EGG white powder; Coloring agent: beta carotene; Salt; Flavourings.


Natas 200 g

Half skimmed milk 400 g

 Nutritional values per 100 g (average):

 Energy 396 kcal 1657 kJ

Fat 2,7 g

from which, saturates 0,9 g Carbohydrates 88 g

from which, sugars 78 g Fiber <0,1 g

Protein 3,7 g

Salt (sodium x 2,5) 0,2 g

 Status concerning GMO: In compliance with EU Regulations 1829 and 1830/2003, for the production of the above mentioned product only raw materials derived from conventional, non-GMO crops were used. See also: GMO policy.

 Legal status: This product was produced with selected raw materials complying with EC legislation in force. (Due to the fact that legislation may vary from country to country, local food laws should be examined).

 Keeping Qualities: Minimum 9 months from date of production when stored in unopened packing under the recommended storage conditions.

 Storage conditions: Cool, dry and off smell place. Maximum recommended temperature: 25ºC. Once opened, close the bag tightly after each use.