Découvrir Lisbonne et sa Région Guide

by Visit Lisboa Shop


Title of the guide: Lisbonne et sa région
Author's name: Claire BAUDOIN, National Interpreter Guide, graduated in Literature at the Sorbonne, author of two guides on Lisbon (Collins-1992, and Lisbonne, vacances secrètes, Arthaud/Flammarion-2002), and a book on Portugal (Portugal, un jardin sur l'océan, Géorama-2012). He has lived in Lisbon since 1977.

Illustrations: oil paintings and watercolours: Edith DUVAL and Manuela MENOTTA
Graphic realization and cartography: Alexia BARRET
Printing: April 2018. Book already available.

Features: format 21cm x 12cm. 160 pages. 

The originality of this guide written in French is that it presents 17 routes:
- 14 of the most interesting and oldest neighbourhoods of Lisbon and some public gardens, including the two botanical gardens;
- 3 routes over Cascais, Sintra and Setúbal.

On the back cover, a general map of Lisbon with its 14 neighbourhoods, each one subtitled with a different colour, which helps the reader to choose his or her route.

Each chapter has a different colour to distinguish it from the others throughout the chapters. On the first page there is a detailed map of each neighbourhood to be visited. All the routes are catalogued numerically on the same map: this way it is much easier to find your way around, both for French-speaking residents and tourists.

Each chapter ends with "Bonnes adresses" (where to take a break, have a drink, where to eat, where to shop, where to sleep...), which is very important for those discovering Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra and Setúbal.

Another originality is that it has been illustrated from original oil and watercolour paintings by the two international artists mentioned above.

This guide stands out from the others because it offers walking routes that have recently been tested in detail and visited, thus allowing the reader to gain total autonomy.