Cherry liquer

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Miniature bottle 5cl cherry liquer -

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Sour Cherry Liqueur is one of Portugal's most popular official drinks and one that fascinates all those who visit.
The liqueur is made from sour-sweet-tasting, red cherries, which arrived in Portugal from Asia around the 1st 15th Century.

It is said that Sour Cherry Liqueur originated from a recipe made by monks who infused the Sour Cherry with Brandy and began to use the mixture for medicinal purposes, as was common at the time.

Later, Sour Cherry Liqueur became widespread throughout Portugal and especially in Lisbon and was popular with poets, fado singers and sailors.

Nowadays, Liqueur de Ginja or "Ginjinha" can be found in bars, restaurants and bars all over the city, captivating with its tradition, taste and quality.